GoldDigger Ranch

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Jan and I don't do nearly as much camping as we used to since we moved to the ranch on Super Bowl Sunday, 1999. We do still like to get away though and we occasionally have some of our friends come up to the ranch and "camp."

New Years 2001 Campsite

This was our camping spot New Years Day 2002. We are currently outside of Vicksburg, AZ. We are 5-6, miles off the pavement and we and our friends spent several weeks here "bumming" around the desert. The bottom of the page has a link to our petroglyph page where you can see some of the Indian Petroglyphs that we found "way back." These are not on any of your tourist maps.

Memorial Day "Group Camping" at GoldDigger Ranch

This is a group of buddies that came up Memorial Day weekend 2001 to camp out at the GoldDigger.

Here are the group members that came up

Most of this group are Hams including John (me) (KM6LE), my wife Jan (KF6NCA) my brother Tom (KM6KQ) and his wife Susan (KD6DKA) The other Hams are Jim (KF6RLE), Lee (N7NUN), Jack (N6MEX) and Mike (WB6ISE). Ginger will be getting her license soon.

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