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In February of 2009 we were camping in the desert in our cabover camper. We were to be gone a month and so spent more time "inside" than we ever had before and got a little tired of turning sideways to pass each other while stepping over the dog. Sooooo, we went into Quartzsite to kill time looking at motorhomes. Oooooppppppssssss..........

This is what we got "killing time" parked at Cedar Grove in Sequoia National Park

It's a 2008 National RV Pacifica. It is a 36' diesel pusher with 3 slides sitting on a freightliner chassis. It has a 360Hp Cummins Turbo Diesel with an Allison 6 speed automatic transmission and it pulls Jan's car up hills no problem. For dry "camping" it has an 8Kw Onan genset. It also has some nice "little" features like rear facing cameras not just in the back but also in each side mirror, 2 digital flat screen TV's (we have never used the one in the bedroom), Corian countertops and it even has an actual slate floor! Guess they weren't worried about extra weight! Quite a change from a 10' 9" Cabover Camper, huh?

Parked in the desert between Las Vegas and Beatty. Pretty spot.

Parked alongside Walker Lake with Jan's car in tow

Here we are camped at Big Meadow (8200') in Sequoia National Forest.

The little Suzuki Samurai is ours too and we towed it up behind the motorhome.

Here is our winter home at Villa LaPaz RV Park in AZ

Here we are parked at Santee Lakes outside of San Diego

Here we are camped in the desert outside of Vicksburg, AZ

Here are a couple shots of the interior (when it was new)

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Created by John Hayward on July 5,2013